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A must visit palace in Bagan, Myanmar Bagan Golden Palace

This palace is one of the most awe-inspiring locations in all of Myanmar. It is one of the most magnificent palaces in world yet also retains a sense of mystery and intrigue. It was only reopened to public in 2008. The restoration and reconstruction of the Bagan Golden Palace was done in way to maintain the buildings heritage and architecture. Bagan Golden Palace of Myanmar's first ancient empire King Anawratha is among the four ancient palaces rebuilt after 1988, based on its original architectural style and is claimed as the most glorious one. The other three are Kambawzathadi Palace in Bago, Shwebon Yadana Mingalar Palace in Shwebo and Mya Nann San Kyaw Palace in Mandalay. King Anawrahta reunified Myanmar in 1044, establishing the Bagan empire historically and starting to extensively build Buddhist pagodas and temples to promote and propagate Theravada Buddhism (Little Vehicle). In a bid to preserve cultural heritage for posterity and attract tourists, the Myanmar Ministry of Culture started the reconstruction of the Thiri Zeya Bumi Bagan golden palace a few years ago. In conjunction with the palace project in the Bagan archaeological region, tourism infrastructures such as a 13-story Nanmyint viewing tower of 60 meters high and 16 meters wide and attached with a hotel, was also rebuilt and opened in April 2005.